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2009 Film Selections

Against the Wind
Directed by Dan Masucci
USA, 10 minutes
The winner of eight awards and official selection of more than 30 film festivals worldwide, "Against the Wind" tells the story of a man in the twilight of his life. Ned reflects on his past, his remaining years, and discovers how his role in life has changed..a sentimental film that shows the old truly are young at heart and that universal emotions live within us all.

Bring the War Home
Directed by Smokey Nelson
Student-Produced; USA; 22 minutes
A documentarian goes underground for a project with a group of radical Vietnam protesters. Is she really there for a film?

Concrete, Steel and Paint
Directed by Cindy Burstein, Tony Heriza
USA, 54 minutes
The story of a group of men in a maximum security prison who work together with victims of crime to design and paint a mural about healing. Tensions and struggles emerge as the group discusses responsibility, punishment and forgiveness. But as the project progresses, it demonstrates the power of artistic collaboration to move divided groups toward empathy and common ground. In a country with the highest incarceration rate in the world, the film does not point to easy answers but does underscore the need for dialogue about crime and reconciliation.

Conflict in the Middle Table
Directed by Michael Stampler, Ben Michael Diamant
Youth-Produced; USA, 9 minutes
In this short allegory, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the Middle East plays itself out on a smaller scale, as a plate of hotly contested hummus is placed between an Israeli and a Palestinian at a dinner party.

Counterculture 101
Directed by Danielle Stallings
USA, 10 minutes
A lyrical documentary essay about the real meaning of 'counter culture' and its significance today.

Fremont, USA
Directed by Ellie Pierce, Rachel Antell
USA, 58 minutes
This documentary film offers a glimpse of religious diversity on the local level: Fremont, California is a city transformed by new immigration. A rajagopuram rises in a tidy suburban neighborhood, announcing the vital presence of the Hindu community. The diversity of the global Buddhist community is also in evidence, as Thai, Chinese, and Burmese temples - and a women’s monastic retreat center - dot the landscape. Fremont is home to Peace Terrace, where Muslims and Christians have built side by side, and Gurdwara Road, where a large Sikh community engages in creative forms of outreach. Through civic engagement and interfaith action, strangers have become neighbors in this American city. Yet Fremont has also faced real challenges, especially after 9/11. When Alia Ansari, a Muslim woman, is murdered, some wonder if it was a hate crime: Was she killed because of her headscarf? How will the wider community respond?

Directed by Hyejin Kwon
Student-Produced; USA, 3 minutes
People's behaviors are driven by their memories and obsessions. Their obsessions dictate their actions and their actions reinforce their obsessions in a never-ending cycle. My film is an exploration of people's habitual behaviors as a reflection of their mental state.

Hearing Everett: The Rancho Sordo Mudo Story
Directed by Thomas Johnstone
USA, 68 minutes
A neon sign builder and father of 7, Ed Everett was an average man in search of his purpose. During a short term mission trip to Mexico, his life would change forever. Little did he know his own son was preparing him for this very moment. A family willing to trust God and enter the silent world of the deaf. Hearing Everett is a documentary of faith, love, and lifelong adventure. A legacy, started by one man, which continues on today. Hearing Everett is the true life story of a family that believed that God can use anyone with a willing heart. Watch the Trailer!

His Good Will
Directed by Cayman Grant
Youth-Produced, Canada/USA, 12 minutes
A heart-warming story, set in 1950, about a young boy struggling against poverty in a small town and how his innocence and optimism, in the simplest of ways, touch those around him.

Hungry God
Directed by Sukhada Gokhale-Bhonde
USA, 9 minutes
A reflection on the irony of Idol Worship.
In Marathi with English subtitles.

I'm Not Britney
Directed by Phillip Christon
Central African Republic,France, 4 minutes
Requiem for a Hollywood Stereotype.

In Search of the Colors
Directed by Will Kim
Student-Produced; USA, 9 minutes
In this animated documentary film, Will Kim uses various hand-drawn and painterly animation techniques to tell a story of his own experiences from this home for people with developmental disabilities.

Kid Collector
Directed by Joe Presser
LOCAL! Youth-Produced; USA, 10 minutes
Alyce, 92, lives alone in Seaford, DE with over 1,000 dolls. By caring for the lifelike porcelain girls, she attempts to replace the three daughters that left her forty years ago.

Mofetas (Skunks)
Directed by Ines Enciso
Spain, 10 minutes
Night fall at Tanger's port. Karim and Aziz wait in silences. Or at least they try to ...

Pag-asa (Hope)
Directed by Rodger Sargent
Student-Produced; Philippines, 11 minutes
December 26th 1941. Filipino and American soldiers stationed in Manila are ordered to retreat to Bataan and defend it. Along the way something goes really wrong for two Filipino soldiers.
In Japanese & Tagalog with subtitles.

Prom Night in Mississippi
Directed by Paul Saltzman
Canada, 90 minutes
In 2008, Charleston High School in Charleston, Mississippi, held it's historic, first-ever integrated Senior Prom, ending a long tradition of segregated, parent-organized White Proms and Black Proms. Academy Award-winning actor, Morgan Freeman, who lives in the community, stimulated this change by paying for the Prom. Some white parents still maintained their White Prom.

School of Thought
Directed by Tony Perri
USA, 40 minutes
There's something happening deep in America's heartland. Some folks are calling Fairfield, Iowa the 'Midwestern Stepford.' A few locals claim there's a creepy cult slowly taking control of their small town. Even the Jefferson County Commissioners say, 'We really don't know what's going on here.' But a famous Hollywood director (David Lynch, pictured above) and the local school he's teamed up with, know exactly what's up in Fairfield, Iowa. They're setting out to change the world - one student at a time.

Second Mourning
Directed by Andrew Barrow
Student-Produced; USA, 10 minutes
For Angela, war hit home in unexpected ways.

Secret Circles, Hidden Prayers
Directed by Amber Beard
Student-Produced; USA, 25 minutes
Neo-pagan families and modern witches reveal why they've been hesitant to 'come out of the broom closet', talking frankly about their little known and often misunderstood religions, and addressing issues of prejudice, family and faith.

Shooting Beauty
Directed by George Kachadorian
USA, 63 minutes
This film tells the story of an aspiring fashion photographer named Courtney Bent whose career takes an unexpected turn when she discovers a hidden world of beauty at a center for people living with significant cerebral palsy and other disabilities. When she begins inventing cameras for her new friends to use, a story unfolds that will make you rethink what it means to live with a disability-- and without one.

Talkin' Water
Directed by Shannon Sonenstein
USA, 38 minutes
Four teenage girls embark on a life changing journey as they pick up
cameras to search for truth in post-Katrina New Orleans. While exploring
issues of race, class, and community, the girls learn the importance of
asking questions and, ultimately, the power of their own voices.

Directed by Larysa Kondracki
Canada, 18 minutes
Former Yugoslavia. 1997. Struggling to find a way out, 17 year old Viko leaps at a rare opportunity for black market work. But it takes him to a darker place than he could have imagined. One where monsters are not born, but made. (Parental Discretion Advised - Graphic Content)

Without A Home
Directed by Rachel Fleischer
USA, 74 minutes
A young woman's desire to understand her connection to the homeless takes her on an extraordinary 4-year journey into the lives of several homeless individuals and reveals the challenges and triumphs when we chose to help those without a home.