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Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film
Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film
Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film
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2010 Film Selections

(Films are listed alphabetically.)

About Face: The Story of Gwendellin Bradshaw
Dir. by Mary Katzke
80 minutes; USA; WEBSITE
On a chilly Alaskan summer night in 1980, 10 month old Gwendellin Bradshaw was placed on top of a campfire by her mentally distraught mother.  Given a 50-50 chance of surviving, she barely made it. Now 24 years later, Gwen is left with figuring out how to live with her physical and emotional scars and believes that finding mom is central to her healing. Her journey is an emotional path which leads her to find her own beauty and purpose in life.

American Faust: From Condi to Neo-Condi
Dir. by Sebastian Doggart
90 minutes; USA, United Kingdom; WEBSITE
A hard-hitting portrait of one of the chief players in the Bush Administration.

Family Fare
Astronaut Goes From Migrant Fields To Outer Space
Dir. by David Moolten
3 minutes; USA; WEBSITE
Once a child laborer who trekked with his family each year from Mexico to the fields of California to pick strawberries, Jose Hernandez recently traveled into space as an astronaut on the Discovery space shuttle. His story honors both the desperate struggle of immigrants and the greatness of which they are capable. This short film, which features a spoken word performance by a prizewinning American poet, is a tribute.

Family Fare
Chickens of the Sea
Dir. by Steve Furman
7 minutes, USA
...a sea of grass, that is.  Most of the native prairie in North America is gone, and prairie chickens are rare, but if you're lucky enough to find them, they're fun to watch!

The Children's Empire, an Angry Dakar Woman
Dir. by Gerard Moreau, Michele Barrault
53 minutes, France
Dakar, Senegal. Forced to beg and victims of violence, children roam the streets in the thousands. They live and sleep on the streets, merely surviving, in extremely difficult conditions. In the face of this scourge, Anta M'Bow gives way to her anger and takes up the challenge. With the help of a handful of artists, she transforms the old Empire cinema into the Children's Empire. But can a centre for street children also be a place of real artistic expression? This is an action film that takes the viewer through the challenges faced by the Empire.
French, Wolof with English subtitles.

Family Fare
The Devil's in the Details
Dir. by Jean-Pierre Joubert
13 minutes, Canada; TRAILER
The Devil's in the Details, explores the sensory perspective world view of a nine year old boy named Josh. It delves into the richly layered tapestry of his daily life as his brain struggles to find peace and calm within the myriad of stimuli bombarding his senses.

A Drop in the Bucket
Dir. by Lauren Shaw
23 minutes, Cambodia; WEBSITE/TRAILER
This film is a timely, hopeful and lyrical tale about people reaching across international boundaries to help provide clean water in rural Cambodia.  Over the last two years, I have built fifteen wells with the help of Sambrothers Clean Water Project, and Journeys Within Our Community. I returned in 2009 to make a short documentary on the effects my wells have had on the lives of the people.  By telling this story, some of the complexities and challenges involved in giving are revealed.  The interviews with Journeys Within Our Community, Resource Development International, the doctors at Angkor Children's Hospital, and the Cambodian people all share the issues of hygiene, education, water testing, ownership, and ultimately the delivery of safe water.  Although this story is a drop in the bucket, it is one filled with possibility, opportunity, and promise.

Student Selection
Dir. by Tyler Byrne
9 minutes, USA
An electric boy, confined to his house by a power cord, breaks free and makes a surprising discovery.

Family Fare
From the Badlands to Alcatraz
Dir. by Nancy Iverson
56 minutes, USA; WEBSITE
'From the Badlands to Alcatraz' chronicles the remarkable journey of five young Lakota as they travel from Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to San Francisco and prepare for the extreme challenge of swimming from Alcatraz Island to the San Francisco shore.

The Good Soldier
Dir. by Lexy Lovell, Michael Uys
What is courage? A profile of what makes a good soldier, in soldiers' own words.

Student Selection
Lucky Lotus
Dir. by Ken Ochiai
16 minutes, USA; WEBSITE
Cong made her daughter grow up too fast at the 'Lucky Lotus' hostess bar, but she didn't think it was a life Lien would outgrow.

Student Selection
Monsters Down the Hall
Dir. by S. Vollie Osborn
15 minutes, USA
Michael, a young boy with a single mom in a tough situation, copes with his world the only way he knows how.

Youth Selection
No Pity
Dir. by Drew Morton Goldsmith
18 minutes, USA; TRAILER
A poignant exposé of pity-based fundraising, as revealed through a disabled teenager’s heartfelt appeal for respect and dignity.

Student Selection
The Paradigm Shift
Dir. by Jon Barr
26 minutes, USA; WEBSITE
The repercussions are immediate when activist/history professor Arthur Collins assigns his class to plan an assassination of the President.  Life becomes particularly tough for the professor's teaching assistant T.K., whose reluctance to choose a side plants him right in the middle.

Family Fare
A Simple Question: The Story of STRAW
Dir. by Kevin White, David Donnenfield
A Simple Question: the Story of STRAW is an inspiring 35 minute film about the STRAW Project (Students and Teachers Restoring a Watershed) starting from its origins in 1992 as a fourth grade class-project into a remarkable program that has restored over 20 miles of creek-side habitat, galvanized the local community, and led to educational innovation by connecting classrooms with nature.


Slice of Pie
Dir. by Tim Reischauer
35 minutes, USA; TRAILER
Carter’s a middle-aged divorcee with his eye on Juanita, the waitress at the local diner. In an attempt to woo the girl of his dreams he waxes philosophical about the merits of pie. But when James, the used car dealer of dating, makes his move on Juanita, subtlety is out the window. Carter pops the question, “You wanna go to the ham and bean dinner at church tomorrow night?” Juanita accepts and Carter thinks he has the wind at his back. But in the open prairieland of central Illinois , the wind can change direction rather quickly.Slice of Pie is a cinematic slice of life chock full of the bittersweet moments set against a back drop of quirky locals that Carter grew up with. Oh yeah, and a dead dog named Burt. Humorous and heartfelt, this touching film reminds you to always save room for a Slice of Pie.

Speed Grieving
Dir. by Jessica Daniels
Is it possible to process grief  through a  whirlwind scientific study? Malia attempts to answer the question in record time.

Family Fare
This Is My Family
Dir. by Stephen Stolee
17 minutes, USA
The irresistible effect of children's art is the starting point in this movie in which kids reflect on our culture using their original artwork to explore how the idea of FAMILY shapes and defines our lives. Between 8 and 14 years old, they describe and comment on the influences of their families-- the good, the bad, the past, present and future. Inter cutting interviews with beautiful and vibrantly expressive original art, the kids share their understandings of what makes a family; their families' origins- the mixed ancestry that connects Americans so inextricably with the rest of the world's cultures; their images of their future families; and ends with some poetically insightful utterings on the meaning, power and importance of being part of a family.

The Three-Body Solution
Dir. by Alison Marek
12 minutes, USA; WEBSITE
A theoretical physicist finds herself pitted against a handsome young adjunct who claims to have solved the 'three-body problem.' If she proves him wrong, she may jeopardize her academic career. How far will she go for science?

Student Selection
Unfamiliar Faces
Dir. by Michael Wright
15 minutes, USA
Two best friends discover that the truth can be more damaging than a life-long lie.
English with  subtitles.

Student Selection
We Are All Here
Dir. by Yonghwa Choi
2 minutes, USA
An animated story about the Earth we live on, and how we treat it.
English with  subtitles.

DELAWARE MADE! Youth Selection
What's Really Hood?
Dir. by Shaquille Jackson & L. Burner
12 minutes, USA; MYSPACE
In August 2007, 14 year old Shaquille Jackson was brutally attacked by 5 men and left with a broken jaw. As a result he took the streets of Wilmington for 2 years to investigate the violence with his jaw still wired. The resulting documentary is a grassroots but compelling and sobering account of the gritty streets of the small city. With impromptu street interviews and lawmakers and lawbreakers,survivors and citizens from 5 to 65 all weighing in on the crisis.

Years in the Making
Dir. by Martin West
66 minutes, USA
A visually beautiful and joyous film!  Working artists, all between 70-95 years old, share insights into the creative process as they face the challenges of aging.  The film captures their passion for art and for life...an inspiration to old and young, artists and art lovers.

Yellow Cake
Dir. by Nick Cross
9 minutes, Canada; WEBSITE
A fantastic funny animal cartoon featuring geopolitical bullying, social unrest, worker revolt, and some tasty yellow cakes.

You Better Run
Dir. by David Beier
33 minutes, USA
Josh is not having a good day.  He's late for a job interview; he can't find his tie; and he just missed the bus.  Things get a lot worse when Josh crosses paths with Doc, a small time drug dealer, and unwittingly causes him a major inconvenience.  Soon, Josh finds himself in a whole world of trouble and the one thing he can't do is run.  You Better Run, a modern-retelling of a tale from The Arabian Nights, is a fast-paced coming of age fable set on the wrong side of the tracks.