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Hearts and Minds Film
Hearts and Minds Film
Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film
Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film
Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film
Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film
Hearts and Minds Film Hearts and Minds Film
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Serviam: "I Will Serve"

Serviam Media, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable, educational corporation formed in 2002 for the purpose of creating educational programming, digital media, and outreach initiatives to inform, inspire and empower diverse audiences. The company partners with organizations, institutions, and individuals throughout the nation to create programs that will foster human understanding, multi-cultural appreciation, and civic engagement.

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Hearts and Minds Film
The Hearts and Minds Film Initiative is the flagship program of Serviam Media. Its mission is to foster civic engagement, using the media arts as tools for youth leadership development, community education and outreach. It is a multi-faceted initiative that includes the following programs.

Annual Media Mentors Program
Industry masters teach college students, and college students mentor youth from Wilmington’s underserved neighborhoods in this intensive two-week film-production workshop. Participants direct, produce and edit short films focusing on issues that are most critical to their community. These films are featured at Hearts and Minds Community Screening Room events and the annual Hearts and Minds Film Festival.

Annual Hearts and Minds Film Festival
A socially-focused film festival showcasing topical, cutting edge documentary and narrative work from student and adult media makers around the world. The fourth annual festival will be held April 3-4 at the Schwartz Center for the Arts in Dover, DE. The event culminates with the presentation of the 2009 "Speak Your Peace" Delaware Youth Media Showcase.

Annual Youth Media Summit
An academic and artistic forum focused on the power of emerging digital media as a tool for education and civic engagement, targeting students, families, educators and community leaders. The 2009 Youth Media Summit will be held in conjunction with the 2009 Hearts and Minds Film Festival, April 3-4 at the Schwartz Center for the Arts in Dover.

Hearts and Minds Film Community Screening Room
Located on the Wilmington Riverfront, the Community Screening Room is an innovative venue where we host community film screenings and discussions about critical social issues, planned with our partnering non-profit organizations.

Hearts and Minds Film Training Workshops
Media literacy and production workshops tailored to suit the needs of individual clients and target audiences. These workshops consist of 20-30 hours of media literacy and production training, housed in our Community Screening Room in Wilmington, and can be provided for after-school programming, summer education sessions, professional development seminars for educators, or workshops for corporate clients.

Hearts and Minds Film Productions
Cutting edge, award-winning documentary projects of the highest production quality focusing on the most pressing issues of our time, distributed through international partners for broadcast, educational versioning, and home video and DVD distribution.

Staff & Leadership

Sharon K. Baker - Founder and Director
Daniel Collins - Outreach Director
Elizabeth Lockman - Program Director
Julie Pfeifenroth - Technology Director

Board of Directors

Community Advisors



Sharon Kelly Baker

Sharon Kelly Baker Sharon Kelly Baker

With the founding of Serviam Media, Inc. Sharon Baker formalizes a life long interest in serving community through the media arts. For thirty years, Ms. Baker has created award-winning documentary films and public affairs programs focusing on a range of critical social issues that include domestic violence, homelessness, literacy, substance abuse, race relations, conflict resolution and civic engagement. Her work has netted her prestigious industry awards, among them the national Gabriel Award and the Christi Award for service to community through the arts. Sharon has traveled throughout the US and around the world, recording the words and images of people from all walks of life. She has worked in Western Africa with President Jimmy Carter to document the eradication of Guinea Worm disease, and in China to document village elections. "I have never met a person with whom I could not converse and discover common ground, regardless of language." Ms. Baker says, "Problem solving begins with conversation."

As Director of Serviam Media, Inc., Sharon and company now create new media initiatives that utilize film, websites and companion curricula to bring essential and timely subjects to the national community. "With the right strategies, the media can be used to reach and engage new and under-served audiences-particularly young people--and to foster grassroots participation in activity that promotes positive social change." Her personal volunteer activities include board memberships with organizations promoting AIDS awareness and children's' mental health.


Daniel R. Collins

Dan Collins Dan Collins

Dan is a published poet, performing musician, and accomplished professional writer; a master of the skills of communication. A graduate of Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York, Dan has a BA in Creative Writing (an "Independent Studies" major that incorporates sociology and documentary photography), and his professional experience includes journalism, photography, graphic design, publicity writing, grant writing, screenwriting and script editing.

A life-long believer in the arts as an agent of social change, Dan was transformed by his viewing of the documentary film series "Eyes on the Prize" as a youth in rural Maine, and has since pursued the study of social justice, multicultural education, grassroots political movements, and cultural phenomena while maintaining the constant practice of personal and professional writing. Dan is a researcher, script writer, editor and publicity writer for TELEDUCTION, Inc., and handles outreach communications, online content, and grant-writing for Serviam Media.


Elizabeth Lockman

Elizabeth Lockman Elizabeth Lockman

Elizabeth is pleased to put her various professional and personal experiences to work, playing an instrumental role in bringing outreach projects such as With All Deliberate Speed: The Legacy of Brown v. Board and the Hearts & Minds Film programs to fruition.

Fueled by a personal interest in multiculturalism, tolerance, social justice and non-profit service, with a commitment to these ideals inspired by her daughter, Sophie, Elizabeth looks forward to getting more involved in the community through the fulfillment of Serviam's goals of achieving broader historical understanding and social awareness, fostering dialogue between society's many disparate groups. She hopes that accomplishing this essential work locally will ripple outward to the world at large.

Elizabeth graduated from New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, with a concentration in film and linguistics. Her years in New York brought her a wide range of professional experience, including working with Nickelodeon Studios, Lions Gate Pictures, and Simon & Goodman Picture Company.

Julie Pfeifenroth

Julie Pfeifenroth Julie Pfeifenroth

Julie has traveled internationally as a sound engineer and videographer, and is an Emmy- and Gabriel Award-winning editor. A graduate of the University of Delaware, she has been the Senior Editor for all major Serviam Media broadcast projects. Julie is an expert at her medium, a master of the technical and aesthetic skills that are essential to stay at the cutting edge of the ever-evolving standards of today's film industry.

Order any program in our pipeline, and you will have a chance to witness her technical skills and creative finesse!



Board of Directors

Gina Campanella - Marketing for Consumer Lending; ING Direct

Tom Davis- Retired Minister, Hanover Presbyterian; President, Interfaith Tech Associates, TeleDavis

Christopher Pitcher - Assistant Vice President, Public Relations; Wilmington University

Wendell Raulston - Freelance Director of Photography

Janine Salamone, Esq. - Partner; Potter, Anderson & Corroon Law Firm

John Taylor - Executive Director; DE State Chamber of Commerce, Public Policy Institute

Frank Vanderslice - Media Instructor; Kennett High School



Community Advisors

John Baker - Managing Director, Delaware Association of Nonprofits (DANA)

Ralph Begleiter - Dist. Journalist in Residence & Rosenberg Prof. of Comm., UD

Theodore Blunt - Former President, Wilmington, Delaware City Council

Patrick Carroll - Director of Development, Delaware Humane Association

Chris Coons - County Executive, New Castle County

Sherry Dorsey - President/CEO, Sisters With A Purpose (SWAP) Productions

Steve Gonzer - Halina Wind Preston Holocaust Education Committee

Regina Kerr Alonzo - Executive Director Emeritus, Public Allies Delaware

Leland P. Kimball, III - Producing Artistic Director, OperaDelaware

Joshua Martin - Potter, Anderson & Corroon

George Meldrum - Nemours Foundation

Dr. Donald A. Parks - Professor & Director, Schwartz Arts Center

Fred Sears - President, Delaware Community Foundation